Complete cable production plant

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  • MACHINE NAME : Complete cable production plant
  • MACHINE MANUFACTURER : European - different
  • MACHINE YEAR : 2005
  • MACHINE CONDITION : good (used)
  • MACHINE LOCATION : Titova b.b., 76290 Odzak, BA
  • MACHINE DESCRIPTION : Complete cable production factory..... currently in operation for the production of cables for: energy and signaling; telecommunications; data transmission and commands; cables and other conductors. The factory deals in particular with the production of a series of multipolar cables shielded singly or in pairs, distinguished in various types and so named: YSLY, YSLCY, YSLY-CY, LiYCY, LiYCY-CY, LiYY, YR, Y (St) Y , HH, H (St) H, HSLH, HSLCH, HSLH-CH, LOUDSPEAKER CABLES, cables reinforced with galvanized steel wires to give high mechanical protection and cables to specific customer requirements and comply with CEI standards and international standards.These cables are used in the areas of connection between field equipment and process control systems. The shield ensures the transmission of signals immune to noise. Construction year of equippment - from 2000. till 2011. Bcbt28eijf Upon request - we will send you a series of documents in which are listed the types of cables that can be produced.
  • MACHINE ID : A3743909
  • MACHINE CATEGORY :Wire processing machinery
  • MACHINE SUBCATEGORY :Cable manufacturing machines



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