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  • MACHINE NAME : Complete dairy plant
  • MACHINE YEAR : 2007
  • MACHINE CONDITION : excellent (used)
  • MACHINE LOCATION : Titova b.b., 76290 Odzak, BA
  • MACHINE DESCRIPTION : DAIRY – EXCELLENT COMPLETE EQUIPMENT   Dairy worked with the reception of milk 45.000 l/day. Objects A. B. and C. are related to one energy production facility. The powered milk production plant  can be sold separately, but other two parts of dairy can be sold separately if the customer has own energy.   Remark: The powered milk production plant: production of powered milk, instant milk, proccesing of powdered whey   The height of production plant: the powdered milk production plant  - 17 m, energy production facility– 9 m, other equipment – 4m. For the wastewater solving dairy has collector with biorotor, all is included in price   Necessary space for dairy is about 2.000 m2. Instal power 150 kW.   A.)THE POWDERED MILK PRODUCTION PLANT (SKIMMED, FULL, INSTANT) AND POWDERED WHEY It worked 14 h/day, because 2 hours are need for washing during the process  and 2 hours for washing at the end of the day ( depends of milk quality) Example: reception 4.700 l/h of skimmed milk can give 427 kg/h powder milk Example: reception 4.700 l/h of instant can give 522 kg/h powder milk Depending of milk quality, washing during process, and washing at the end of the day, the plant can be work max 20 h/day, if there are so many input raw materials. This plant consists of: 1. Steam three-stage station Germany manufacturer GEA with capacity of 4 700 l/h with all associated installations and pumps and a steam divider; 2. Atomizer NIRO of the same manufacturer with instant powder cheese and auxiliary towers for the instant, diffuser with a replacement diffuser, cyclones, water and other pumps; 3. Triple chamber central industrial washing with capacity of 3 000 l (adequate capacity for plant needs); 4. Whey crystallization tank – 4 pieces per 6 000 l with exchanger, APV manufacturer; 5. Ice water system 30m3 with associated installations; 6. Control panel, main closet;   The equipment was installed in 2008, when completely new electrical installations, water pumps, pipelines and layer on the atomizer were made. The installed power of the plant is 105kw. Vapor consumption 1 150kg/h 11 bar. The process of production stopped in December 2017. It is possible to try out the equipment. The complete plant is being sold in the view condition. B7qispt3   B.)RECEPTION, PROCESSING & STORAGE OF RAW MILK This line consists of: 1. Blower with digital counter with touch panel; exchanger for milk cooling type APV with associated pumps and installations capacity of 10 000 l/h; 2. Two raw milk storage tanks capacity of 17 500 l and one tank capacity of 10 000 l, with associated vent pipes and installations; 3. Pasteurizer type APV with associated vent pipes and armature; 4. Separator ALFALAVAL with associated vent pipes and armature; 5. Homogenizer type APV with associated armature; 6. Standardizer type APV with capacity of 10 000 l/h and every machine has its own electrical box; 7. Automatic central industrial washing with triple chamber, with capacity of 9 000 l with associated vent pipes and armature. (The whole process is automatic and also includes truck washing, it is managed from management cabin); 8. Process tank for yoghurt production with capacity of 8 000 l with refrigerator and adjoining pumps and armature; 9. Process tanks for cream: 2 x 1 500 l and 1 x 3 000 l, with associated pumps and armature;   The equipment was installed in 2007 in the same period when the whole automatic management in the company has been done. All automation is SIEMENS. Equipment is in the top state. Process of production is stopped in December 2017. It is possible to put the equipment into trial practice.   C.) CHEESE FACILITY, BUTTER FACILITY AND ENERGY PRODUCTION FACILITY These facilities consist of: 1. Dutch baths 3x5000 l, 1x4000 l with double cloak and possibility of cooking; 2. Automatic pre-press type APV with capacity of 10 000 l with control cabinet and associated pumps and fittings; 3. Semi-automatic press type GADAN synchronized with plant capacity with complete batteries of molds 9kg; 4. Pump type APV for the transfer of cheese pear in the pre-production, of adequate capacity with the plant; 5. Baths for cheese salting with racks, capacity of 10 tons and an automatic line for keeping the temperature and quality of the salamura, line for washing the racks; 6. Tank for whey storage with capacity of 30 000 l; 7. Duplicators for different purposes 3x750 l and 1x 1500 l; 8. Line for production albumin and fresh cheese with two processing tanks with capacity of 2x5000 l and two bathtubs of adequate capacity and triple-chamber central industrial washing with capacity of 4 500 l; 9. Continuous line for butter production type ALHBORG 1200 kg/h of final product per hour and silo for butter with capacity of 2500 kg; 10. Butter packer from 0,15-0,25 grams type BENHIL 6800 pcs/h; 11. Yoghurt and sour cream 0,18 grams packer type, 1500 pcs/h; 12. Yoghurt and sour cream 0,41 grams packer, 1500 pcs/h; 13. Packer for cream and fresh cheese 0,5 and 1 kg, 1500 pcs/h; 14. Vacuum machine for cheese type MULTIVAK C-500; 15. Bath for cheese immersion type MULTIVAK; 16. Thermal tunnel for group packing; 17. Ink Jet for date stamping; 18. Ice water system 40m3 with associated installations; 19. Exchanger type APV for thank for hot water with capacity of 5000 l; 20. Central foam machine with satellites; 21. Bath for washing hand-parts; 22. Hot water boiler 850kW on wood up to 120°C 23. Automatic boiler type KIRKA, 2 MW of power or 2,5 tons of steam/h of 13 bar, as the energy uses the biomass and chaff. The silo for mass is capacity of 25m3 ( the facility is powered by one employee);   The equitment is in top condition. Equipment is disconnected, but  it is possible to check the operation of the equipment "on cold". Delivery: Immediately !
  • MACHINE ID : A4116604
  • MACHINE CATEGORY :Food processing machinery
  • MACHINE SUBCATEGORY :Dairy plant equipment



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